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What to expect inside

How Italy became the new Tax haven in Europe in a span of few years.

Despite the rumors of being an highly taxed country, for new residents is totally a different story. Nowadays, is possible to relocate to Italy and paying just an average of 3% of taxes on your earned income. 

Along aside this tax benefit, we have seen the new revolutionary idea of allow property owners to refurbish their property for free. This incentive is also applicable to all real estate solution as well as to the famous 1 € homes.

Pensioners and High Net Worth Individuals have their tailored tax scheme solution which can be crossed with other tax expenditures and incentives to minimize even more their already shrunken taxes.

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The only book in English which explains you clearly all the new Italian tax benefits all together

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About the authors

Enzo Piccolo M. is a former tax Inspector of the Italian Tax Administration (for 9 years), specialized in tax planning and wealth management.

Andrea Papitto  is an IT technology expert and designer of tax simulation and optimization softwares. He has a deep knowledge on tax planning strategies on relocations, real estate and double taxation agreements, for individuals.

Firma Enzo

you will learn:

How To Pay Just 3% Of Tax In Italy​

How to set up a business in Italy as freelancer or self-employed almost tax free

How To Open a B&B Business in Italy

Run all type of Italian B&Bs smoothly paying few taxes

How To Retire in Italy Almost Tax Free

Discover the 7% flat tax scheme for pensioners

How to Buy 1 € euro Italian House

How to have your 1€ Euro home refurbished for free thanks to the governments aids

How High Net Worth Individuals could pay 0.1% in taxes

You will discover, step by step, how to get  in the process of applying the HNWI tax scheme. 

How To Start A Limited Company in Italy

You will learn about the legal forms of Italian Entities such as the Partnerships and SRL. 


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