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Italy is the new fiscal Eldorado

Discover a proven 100% legal tax scheme that will change your life

Whether you’re a freelancer, a digital nomad or a pensioner, every year you wage an uphill battle against taxes – a battle that seems unwinnable. As a result, you suffer a major blow to your ability to save, invest and grow financially.

In the wake of this troubled period, countries such as Italy have realized that the only way to recover is to make the relocation of workers within its territory more attractive than ever before.

So, what you’re about to learn in this online course is life-changing. But the question is, are you ready to change? Are you willing to:

  • Take the limits off your earnings potential and ambitions
  • Learn how to save more than 90% on taxes.
  • Relocate to one of the most breathtaking countries in the world.
  • Reap the full benefit of your income and investments.
  • Save more, invest more and grow financially like never before.
  • Stop paying meaningless, outrageous amounts of taxes.
  • Improve your financial, and taxes literacy
  • Discover The new Flat Tax System in Italy for new residents

Joining our community of Italian tax experts is a perfect example of the old adage "you get what you sign up for". You must realize that you're about to change the course of your life.

 What You’ll Get

Step-by-step guide to mastering the Italian tax system.

In-depth explanation and tips and tricks from real Italian tax experts.

A simple and complete course with no hocus-pocus explanations or legal jargon.

Learn how to set up a long-term tax-free strategy yourself.

 Discover unique and 100% legal formulas to double and triple your savings.

How to purchase and refurbish your home for free with a big fat tax bonus of 100%

What You Need

Willingness to learn new skills and follow a proven system.

Total concentration and full commitment.

Plan in advance your investment strategy, and whether you will bring your family along.

Be disposed to settle in Italy.

Understand what it really means to pay an average of 3% in taxes and how it will significantly change your income.

Stop wasting your time and money in clueless consultancy offices.

This is Far from Being a Simple Online Course on Tax Savings


        It is a complete introduction to the world of real estate investment in Italy.


        You will learn how to bring your tax bill down, in some cases to 0%!


        It is an eye-opening course on how simple and smooth bureaucratic procedures have become in a country like Italy.

        We guarantee that by the end of this course, you will be able to squeeze every drop of profit that the government has to offer in real estate, remodeling, and renovation.


You are Now on the Eve of a Decision

You can either continue on the path of extortion, the path you have already taken – the path of exorbitant taxes. Or you can choose the new road, the road with the least traffic. The path you are currently taking will likely affect your savings, your income, and discourage you from investing in the future. But if you want something different to happen, if you want to change your life, earn a lot of money, build something for yourself, or live leisurely in one of the most beautiful places in the world.  You are going to have to do something different. Make a bold move, a brave choice. You’ll have to join our journey to the new tax haven by watching this online course.

What you will find inside the course?



                                                                          Why should I buy this course?                                                                                       

            In this course you will have an extensive explanation about the Italian Inpatriate Tax regime. On then Net, the        information are often scattered throughout several websites. In addition, the most important details are only in Italian making complicated, for a foreigner, understand the overall picture.


Would it be more efficient a tailored tax consultancy rather than a course?

           No, because in one single consultancy, often of about 60-90 minutes, your are not able to explore all the possible options and there is not time to discuss about the all tax benefits that you might exploit. From the other hands, an online course, could teach you in advance the tax strategies and you will find your self prepared with the right questions to address to your Italian tax advisor.

What is the economical benefit of this course?

           After having followed the course, you will drop dramatically the number of consultancies and the cost needed to understand the correct tax strategy to apply once you relocated to Italy.

Is there any other benefits?

           Yes, since you don’t know the Italian fiscal system, which might differ your country, you risk to do not understand properly what the Italian accountant is talking about. Instead, having learned the main concepts and the most important tax strategies, you will talk to him in the same “fiscal language”!

             What If the course doesn’t resolve all my doubts?

           Along with the course, you will have also included a tax consultancy to discuss the further doubts.



Italian Tax Planning Academy

Basic Plan
  • Access to more than 60 lessons about Italian Inpatriate tax regimes
  • Tax strategy advice (up to 2 email exchange)
  • Tailored tax simulation Report
  • Privileged channel with Italian accountants and Real Estate Advisors

Italian Tax Planning Academy

Full Plan
  • Access to more than 60 lessons about Italian Inpatriate tax regimes
  • 1-to-1 call, tax strategic advice (60 min video call)
  • Tailored tax simulation Report
  • Privileged channel with Italian accountants and Real Estate Advisors